President's Remarks

February 28, 2017


Welcome to the Pan-Pacific Continence Society!


The PPCS has been rooted in the Korea-Japan Joint Meeting since 2004. After Taiwan’s entry as a member country in 2006, Pan-Pacific Continence Society formally became the official name of the current Society. Since then, China, Australia/ New Zealand have joined to form the Society today. 
Over the years, The PPCS has played a significant role in helping share the latest academic knowledge and experiences among clinicians and scientists majoring in lower urinary tract (LUT) function and its dysfunctions. Moreover, the PPCS has greatly promoted friendship among scholars in East Asia. 
Countries in East Asia are geographically close to one another and share similar cultural backgrounds. On the other hand, we have different languages and histories. While appreciating each other’s culture and heritage, let us move forward to develop and continue our friendship and to make a new history in the field of LUT research together. Thank you very much. 


Seung-June Oh, MD
President (1st) of the PPCS