Past Meeting in 2012

Nagoya Congress Center, Nagoya, Japan

Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Korean Continence Society (KCS), the Taiwanese Continence Society (TCS), the Chinese Urinary Continence Society (CUCS), and the Japanese Neurogenic Bladder Society (JNBS), we give you a warm welcome to the 7th Pan-Pacific Continence Society (PPCS) Meeting in Nagoya.


PPCS is an extremely important meeting that provides an opportunity to discuss updates on lower urinary tract dysfunction and to foster closer friendship among the members from Taiwan, Korea, China, and Japan. We have tried our best to organize interesting scientific programs for the meeting, consulting the organizing committee of the PPCS, and Professor Osamu Yokoyama, General Secretary of JNBS. Additionally, we have invited two distinguished guest speakers, Prof. Naoki Yoshimua from the University of Pittsburg, USA, and Prof. Con Kelleher from St Thomas' Hospital, UK.


We have also organized some social activities, including a congress dinner, which will be held in Atsuta Jingu (Shrine). Atsuta Jingu has been one of the greatest centers of worship in Japan since ancient times. The annual number of visitors to the shrine, including those who perform the traditional New Year visit, now exceeds nine million. Atsuta Jingu was founded about 1900 years ago when the sacred sword Kusanagi-no-tsurugi, one of the imperial symbols, was enshrined.

We hope that our enthusiasm and hospitality will make the meeting and your stay in Nagoya enjoyable.



Momokazu Gotoh, MD, PhD

President of the 7th PPCS,

Professor and Chairman,

Department of Urology,

Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine


Masayuki Takeda, MD, PhD

President of JNBS,

Professor and Chairman,

Department of Urology, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering,

University of Yamanashi

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