Past Meeting in 2011

Taipei General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan

Dear Colleagues,


Welcome to Taiwan to participate 6th Pan-Pacific Continence Society (PPCS) Meeting!


The 2-day meeting will begin with the Pre-PPCS symposium, Bob LevinAsia Connection, held on September 23rd in SweetMe Hot Spring Resort. AII PPCS participants are invited to attend the symposium. The symposium is to commemorate the invaluable contribution of Dr. Levin for his teaching on Asian MD scientists, who continue to make major discoveries in clinical and basic researches in functional urology after they go back to their home countríes.


The main scientific meeting will be held on September 24th in Taipei Veterans General Hospital. Distinguished international speakers will share their expertise in functional urology. Excellent papers, including podium presentation and posters, have been selected and will be presented in the meeting. This year the meeting has an ample space for non-discussion posters, allowing more authors to show their works which are not selected for formal presentation due to time limitation.


Science and friendship are key values of PPCS. The 6th PPCS meeting is organized to promote these two values. The location of congress hotels are in Beitou area in Taipei City, where is famous for its hot spring and leisure atmosphere. The meeting reception and congress dinner are also held in the hotels in Beitou, providing wonderful opportunities for renewing old and making new friendship. The golf program on Sunday further provides an excellent occasion for the friendship, in addition to for our own health.


We wish you will enjoy the meeting and your stay in Taiwan.


Alex TL Lin, MD, PhD

President of 6th PPCS,

Professor of Division of Urology,

National Yang Ming Universiy,

Taipei Veterans General Hospital


Hann-Chorng Kuo, MD

TCS President,

Professor of Urology,

Buddhist Tzu Chi University,

Hualien, Taiwan

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