Past Meeting in 2006

Sasagawa Kinen Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan

Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the organizing committee of the JNBS, KCS and TCS, 1 am very pleased to inform you that we will hold the 1st Pan-Pacific Continence Society (PPCS) Meeting on September 6th, 2006 in Tokyo.


The 1st Korea-Japan Joint Meeting on Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction was held in Japan in 2004 and the 2nd meeting was held more successfully in Seoul in 2005. From this year, Taiwanese Continence Society joins, and we have changed the name of the society into ThePan-Pacific Continence Society (PPCS) so that all of the pan-pacific countries can join in the future.


For the general program, 18 papers from Korea, 14 from Taiwan and 14 from Japan have been submitted. The committee selected 10 high-quality papers for oral discussion, and all papers have been accepted by titles. We also have a symposium and a special lecture presented by excellent members. After the meeting we will hold a joint welcome reception (with PPCS andJNBS) with a special lecture by Prof. Chris R Chapple from Sheffield University, UK, Prof. Yasuhiko Igawa from Shinsyu University, Japan and Prof. Momokazu Goto from Nagoya University, Japan.


We hope that all of you will enjoy our new meeting for exchanging ideas and opinions from our neighbor countries. And we also hope that our joint meeting will expand into an international meeting, including other Asian countries or all Pan-Pacific countries.



Tomonori Yamanishi, MD

Department of Urology,

Dokkyo University School of Medicine

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