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Chinese Continence Society

1. Brief History

It was not until the 1990s that China initiated its development in the fields of urodynamics and urinary incontinence. The arduous efforts made by Prof. GUO Naimian, Prof. JIN Xiyu and other older generation of urologists enabled the establishment of a methodology for testing urinary tract functions. Meanwhile, they also developed a series of related devices and equipment, and set up standard examination methods and the normal values of Chinese people. 

In 1997, the first Urodynamics Conference of Chinese Urological Association was held in Chongqing. At the conference, the Society of Urodynamics of Chinese Urological Association was established, and its first committee members included Presidents JIN Xiyu and ZHENG Jiafu, Secretary SONG Bo and other 11 experts.

In 1999, the Second Urodynamics Conference was held in Nanjing. In 2000, the second committee of the Society of Urodynamics was formed, and its committee included the following: President JIN Xiyu, Secretary SONG Bo, Vice President YANG Yong and other 15 members.


In September 2004, the third committee of the Chinese Continence Society (CCS) was set up, with SONG Bo appointed as president, YANG Yong and LIAO Limin as vice presidents, JIN Xiyu as honorary president, LI Longkun as secretary. The third committee’s membership also included other 15 members. In June 2009, the fourth committee of the Chinese Continence Society was founded, and its membership came to include President WANG Jianye, Vice Presidents WANG Dongwen and SONG Xiishuang, Secretary XU Kexin and other 21 members. The fifth committee of the Chinese Continence Society was founded in 2014, and its membership came to include President WANG Jianye, Vice Presidents WANG Dongwen, SONG Xishuang, XU Kexin, XU Chuanliang and other 28 members.

The committee of the Chinese Continence Society implemented “Two Standards and One Publication”, which refer to as standardized management of the society and standardized methods for diagnosing and treating urological diseases, and a journal called Urinary Incontinence and Prostatic Diseases.


The CCS also revised and compiled guidelines for specific diseases and operations, such as Overactive Bladder Symptoms, Stress Urinary Incontinence, Neurogenic Bladder, Urodynamics Examination and Procedures and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. Under the working principles of promoting “academic exchange, continuing education and popularization of science,” CCS organized a series of academic conferences and academic activities, such as the eighth and ninth National Urinary Continence Conference, 2010 Urinary Continence and Prostatic Diseases Forum and the Fourth International Continence Society Education Courses, World Continence Week, International Continence Society Nurse Training Courses and Urodynamic Courses, 42nd Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society (2012) and 2016 PPCS annual meeting, etc.


The CCS also founded the OAB China Free Alliance, participated in the annual meetings of Pan-pacific Continence Society, and did publicity and education on urinary continence during the World Continence Week. CCS completed an epidemiological survey on OAB prevalence of Chinese population and survey of LUTS China I-V.


2. Current Main Member List

  • Jianye Wang, MD (Professor of Urology, Beijing Hospital, President of CCS)

  • Limin Liao, MD (Professor, Department of Urology, Beijing Boai Hospital, Capital Medical University, President of Beijing Continence Society- Branch of CCS)

  • Kexin Xu, MD (Professor of Urology, Peking University People’s Hospital, Vice-president of CCS)


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