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Japanese Continence Society

1. Brief History


The origins of the Japanese Continence Society (JCS) date back to 1973, when a small group of urologists who were interested in neurogenic bladder and lower urinary tract dysfunction founded a study group named the Neurogenic Bladder Society (NBS). Thereafter, the NBS gained an increasing number of members and expanded to include a wide range of subjects related to lower urinary tract dysfunction. The name of the group was changed to the Japanese Neurogenic Bladder Society in 1988, and was reorganized in 2002 as a formal academic medical society renamed the Japanese Continence Society. The name of our society in Japanese is “Nihon Hainyo Kinou Gakkai,” which can be translated literally in English as the “Japanese Voiding Function Society.” However, we adopted the English name JCS to harmonize with similar societies in many other countries. The JCS has 1,450 members, including urologists (95%), gynecologists, neurologists, basic researchers, nurses, physiotherapists, and pharmacologists. 


The JCS meets annually, when above 200 papers are presented concerning clinical and basic research on lower urinary tract dysfunction in the fields of urology, urogynecology, neurology, nursing care, and physiotherapy. The JCS deserves special mention for its support of active basic research of both high quality and quantity. We believe that the outcomes of clinical and basic research communicated from the JCS to the world have contributed to advances in the field of lower urinary tract dysfunction.


The purpose of the JCS is not only to promote advances in the management of lower urinary tract dysfunction but also to contribute to public health through the activities of our society. The JCS has developed clinical guidelines for male LUTS, female LUTS, overactive bladder, nocturia, neurogenic bladder in patients with spinal cord injury, and neurogenic bladder in children with spina bifida. To enhance the quality of care, the JCS started a certification system in 2016 for medical specialists involved in the management of patients with lower urinary tract dysfunction.


2. Current Main Member List

Executive Board of JCS (Sept. 2016- Aug. 2018)



  • President: Osamu Yokoyama (Department of Urology, University of Fukui, Fukui)

  • Secretary General: Momokazu Gotoh (Department of Urology, Nagoya University, Nagoya) 

  • Vice-president and Chair of Certification System Committee: Hidehiro Kakizaki (Department of Urology, Asahikawa Medical University, Asahikawa)

  • Chair, Academic Committee: Yasuhiko Igawa (Department of Continence Medicine, Tokyo University, Tokyo)

  • Chair, Ethics and COI Committee: Osamu Ishizuka (Department of Urology, Shinshu University, Matsumoto)

  • Chair, Safety Management Committee: Akihiro Kawauchi (Department of Urology, Shiga University, Ohtsu)

  • Chair, Future Planning Committee: Yoshiyuki Kojima (Department of Urology, Fukushima Medical University, Fukushima)

  • Chair, Publications Committee: Noritoshi Sekido (Department of Urology, Toho University, Tokyo)

  • Chair, Medical Insurance Committee: Satoru Takahashi (Department of Urology, Nihon University, Tokyo)

  • Chair, Election Administration Committee: Mineo Takei (Department of Urology, Hara Sanshin Hospital, Fukuoka)

  • Chair, International Affairs Committee: Masayuki Takeda (Department of Urology, Yamanashi University, Kofu)

  • Chair, Regulations Committee: Hikaru Tomoe (Department of Urology, Tokyo Women’s Medical University Medical Center East, Tokyo)

  • Chair, Public Relations Committee: Yukio Homma (Department of Urology, Tokyo University, Tokyo)

  • Chair, Guideline Committee: Naoya Masumori (Department of Urology, Sapporo Medical University, Sapporo)

  • Chair, Editorial Committee: Tomonori Yamanishi (Department of Urology, Continence Center, Dokkyo Medical University, Tochigi)

  • Chair, Education Committee: Masaki Yoshida (Department of Urology, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Ohbu)

  • Vice-chair, Medical Insurance Committee:

  1. Yasukuni Yoshimura (Department of Urology, Yotsuya Medical Cube, Tokyo)

  2. Motoaki Saito (Department of Pharmacology, Kochi University, Kochi)

  3. Ryuji Sakakibara (Department of Neurology, Toho University Medical Center, Sakura Hospital, Sakura)

  4. Kaoru Nishimura (Japan Continence Society)


[Audit Committee members]

  • Hirotaka Asakura (Department of Urology, Saitama Medical University, Iruma-gun)

  • Mitsuru Noguchi (Department of Urology, Saga University, Saga)


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