Brief History of PPCS

Prehistory of the PPCS (2001-2005)

In 2001 during the Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society in Seoul, Won Hee Park, the President of Korean Continence Society (KCS) at that time, invited about 10 key members of the Japanese Neurogenic Bladder Society (JNBS) including Professor Osamu Yamaguchi (President) and Professor Osamu Nishizawa to Walker Hill Hotel to emphasize the necessity of exchanging information between Korea and Japan. In autumn of 2003, the JNBS President, Osamu Yamagushi, and others held a meeting with Won Hee Park, the KCS President, and Myung-Soo Choo, the KCS Secretary General, in Tokyo, Japan, and decided to have a KCS-JNBS Joint Meeting. The following year in 2004, the first Japan-Korea Joint Meeting was held on October 3 at the Otemachi Saneki Plaza in Tokyo, Japan. The second Korea-Japan Joint Meeting was held on October 21, 2005, in Seoul. Taiwan attended as an observer at this Meeting. In 2006, Taiwan officially joined as a member country and the Joint Meeting was renamed as PPCS Meeting. 


After the PPCS formed (2006-2016)

The first PPCS Meeting took place on September 6, 2006, at Sasagawa Kinen Kaikan in Tokyo, Japan. After the first Meeting, the following Meetings were held in Japan, Korea and Taiwan in rotation. “Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS),” an official academic journal of the Meeting was published in 2009. The Society expanded over the time with successful building up of not only mutual friendship but an academic exchange. In 2011, China joined the Society, Australia and New Zealand became members in 2015 to form the current big society. This PPCS has positioned the most representative society dealing with LUT in East Asian combined with Oceanian region. The 11th symposium took place on October 8-9, 2016, in BYCC in Beijing, China. 


Consolidation of the PPCS (2017-present)

There has been an increasing awareness and necessity of formal organization and shape of the Meeting, and this led to the enactment of the Bylaw at the PPCS Meeting in Beijing in 2016. Based on this new bylaws, the KCS President, Seung-June Oh, undertook the role of the first President of the Society. Professor Oh is trying to form the groundwork for PPCS: establishing the first Steering Committee which consists of members from each country, creating a PPCS homepage, and holding the annual meeting in Seoul in 2017. Starting in 2018, the President of the hosting country will be the President of PPCS for that particular year.