Moderated Posters Session 2

3:05 PM - 3:50 PM

Regional Activity and Functional Connectivity in Brain Networks Associated with Neurogenic Overactive Bladder

Dr. Yi Gao (1), Dr limin Liao

(1) China Rehabilitation Research Center, , China; Department of Urology of Capital Medical University, Beijing, China


Abnormal neural activities can be revealed by resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging using analyses of regional activity and functional connectivity of brain networks. This study was designed to demonstrate functional network alterations in patients with neurogenic overactive bladder. In this study, we recruited 30 patients with neurogenic overactive bladder and 30 normal controls. We used regional homogeneity and seed-based functional connectivity computational methods to reveal resting-state brain activity features associated with neurogenic overactive bladder. Compared with normal controls, patients with neurogenic overactive bladder showed regional abnormalities, mainly in the bilateral frontal cortex, anterior and midcingulate cortex, and temporal lobes. When these regions were defined as seeds, we demonstrated widespread modification in brain networks. The brain-bladder network was not positively connected with the cognitive control network. Both altered regional activity and changed functional connectivity were found in the brain-bladder network. This study helped us better understand the characteristics of neural network modifications in patients with neurogenic overactive bladder.


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